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One year with Wiola cardigans ebook

One year with Wiola cardigans ebook

kr 300,00Pris


In One year with Wiola cardigans you will find some of my finest and most colorful pattern for jackets,
sweaters and accessories.
You will also find instructions on how to make a brooch from yarn, felt and beads.
Several of the patterns consist of small borders with short yarn floats, feel free to use leftover yarn you have
lying around and don't be afraid to mix wool and mohair qualities in the borders.
It is explained how you can knit both jackets and sweaters in many of the patterns.
If you want to put your own personal touch on the garment, you will find explanations of how you can decorate
the jackets or sweaters with bubble edges, embroidered flowers of railway stitches, chain stitches or French knots.
If you are creative, fond of colors and pattern knitting, this is the book you just have to have in your collection.

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